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Feeding Program

At Beach Kids Therapy Center, we offer a comprehensive feeding program, which includes individual feeding therapy and feeding groups to help each child reach their highest potential in their oral motor and feeding skills.  Our therapists are trained in treating all components of feeding, including medically complex feeders. in addition, we offer Vitalstim Therapy as part of our feeding program and have partnered with dietitians to maximize nutritional intake. 


We believe parents are an integral part of feeding and offer parent education and home programs to ensure carry over of acquired skills in the home setting. 

  • Coughing

  • Gagging

  • Vomiting

  • Arching of their back and/or head

  • Only nurses or bottle-feeds when asleep

  • Refusal of foods

  • Refusal of liquids

  • Low weight gain

  • G-tube fed

  • Difficulties with textures

  • Does not chew

  • Unable to or refuses to use eating utensils

  • Extremely limited diet

Does your child have dysphagia and you're not sure where to start with treatment? Be sure to check out Jane's podcast on Say YES to NMES

Are some signs of feeding concerns? Ask your pediatrician! 

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