Speech-Language  Therapy

At Beach Kids Therapy Center we help children maximize their speech production, receptive and expressive language skills and social pragmatic use of language. Our speech and language pathologists and assistants are trained to work with children with various conditions ranging from early intervention to school age language and articulation disorders.

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Rachel Bosemer, MS, CCC-SLP

Enneagram Type: Reformer

Qualities: Purposeful, Perfectionist

Rachel’s favorite part of therapy is the moment that everything clicks or comes together and the child is overcome by their accomplishments. She also enjoys incorporating the gym and movement into her sessions. On the weekends you can find her in the desert as she races off-road ATV’s and UTV’s. She and her sister are some of the few girls out there! If she isn’t in the desert you can find her floating down the Colorado River, at the beach, or spending time with her family. Rachel is a proud mama to two big dogs, Jack, a 100 pound golden retriever wolf mix, and Sam, a German shepherd pit mix, whom she holds very close to her heart!


Meghan Morse, MS, CCC-SLP

Enneagram Type: Helper

Qualities: Caring, Generous

Meghan works with children of all ages to develop their expressive and receptive language skills. She is especially passionate about the use of AAC to enable children of all abilities to communicate. Meghan goes to great lengths to make her kiddos feel comfortable in the speech room and can often be found singing, dancing and acting as silly as possible. Meghan spends her time outside of Beach Kids running at the beach and cooking. She also frequently shares stories about her fur baby Walter and his seasonal bowties! 


Melanie Parker MS, CCC-SLP

Enneagram Type: Helper

Qualities: Caring, Enthusiastic

Melanie is passionate about working with children to help them reach their fullest potential through communication. She enjoys working with young clients and their families in a naturalistic way that promotes generalization outside of the therapy setting. She loves seeing children with articulation and orofacial myofunctional deficits find success through therapy. Melanie enjoys running, rock climbing, surfing, baking, and outdoor adventures with her dog Finley!

Karen Baker, SLPA

Enneagram Type: Peacemaker

Qualities: Reliable, Receptive

Karen loves working as part of a collaborative team at Beach Kids. Early intervention is something that she feels strongly about and finds joy in watching kids of all ages thrive with the proper intervention. She adores working with children with Apraxia and motor planning difficulties. She wants to see your kids soar and is here to keep them motivated every step of the way. Being a mother to two young boys she knows how important it is to encourage your children— her calm voice is an added bonus! She spends her weekends adventuring with her family and their golden retriever, Daisy.


Alin Kabounian, SLPA

Enneagram Type: Achiever

Qualities: Driven, Authenticity

Alin is an experienced SLPA whom enjoys working with young children diagnosed with apraxia, articulation, and expressive and receptive language disorders. She strongly believes that communication with families and their involvement is crucial to help children generalize the skills they learn in a therapy setting. Alin loves working with children and is thrilled to be working with your little ones! Her time away from Beach Kids Therapy Center is spent with her friends and family.


Alyssa Stepein, SLPA
Enneagram Type: Achiever
Qualities: Patient, Hardworking

Alyssa loves working with children across all ages with a variety of disorders, including articulation, autism, apraxia, and receptive/expressive language. She loves becoming involved in her clients’ lives and seeing them soar. Her years of experience working with special needs children have taught her the patience and understanding that will help your children reach their most challenging goals. When Alyssa isn't a SLPA, she is on the soccer field, in a workout class or at the beach with her friends and family!


Allie Hughes, MS CCC-SLP

Enneagram Type: Loyalist

Qualities: Independent, Passionate

Allie enjoys working with children of all ages and watching them grow and develop their speech and language skills. She enjoys being part of a multidisciplinary team, collaborating with other professionals, and involving families in therapy sessions to help children reach their highest potential. On the weekends Allie enjoys being outside, spending time with her friends, playing and watching hockey, and relaxing. 


Andrea Diaz, BA, CSLPA

Enneagram Type: The Individualist

Qualities: Unique, Different

Andrea is a bilingual SLPA who enjoys working with children of all ages.  This includes children with apraxia, autism, articulation, and expressive and receptive language disorders. She also loves incorporating movement, creativity and music during her sessions. She believes in building a good relationship with parents and clients to help reach speech goals. Andrea enjoys doing yoga, trying new food trends, exploring new places, and relaxing on a beach. 

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