Physical Therapy

At Beach Kids Therapy Center, our pediatric physical therapists help children achieve their fullest potential. Physical therapists assess each child’s strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Our PT's are trained to work with children with various neurological, genetic, and developmental disorders, from infants to school-aged children. We make the learning process rewarding and fun for children and their families.

Rachel Okonski, PT, DPT

PT Department Supervisor

Enneagram Type: Achiever

Qualities: Excelling, Truthfulness

Rachel works with children of all ages, and works with parents through the learning process to help their child reach their gross motor developmental milestones. From crawling, walking, running, and jumping, her passion is teaching children how to move and groove. Strong collaboration between occupational, physical and speech therapists is something that she feels strongly about. Rachel can also be seen playing the flute at different events throughout the community because she is a professional flautist. If she isn't running around the clinic or playing the flute she can be found spoiling her two fur babies!

Andrea Raftery, PT, PCS

Enneagram Type: Investigator

Qualities: Perceptive, Sensitive

Andrea believes in early intervention and loves treating babies- torticollis, preemies, late walkers are just some of the children she finds joy in working with. She has become more specialized in treating toe-walking and is constantly trying new approaches in getting her clients to reach their goals. Andrea is a mother to a seven year old daughter, an avid reader, rock painting master and loves Bear Coast Coffee. Children and parents find her caffeinated, cheerful and positive demeanor refreshing. Let the fun begin!

Jo Anne Carpenter, PT

Enneagram Type: Helper

Qualities: Energetic, Supportive

Jo Anne has years of experience working with kids of all ages and specializes in early intervention. She loves figuring out what makes each kid tic and incorporating their passion into therapy to achieve the best possible outcome. She feels that the family centered model is beneficial because then the parents engage in therapeutic handling and owning the success their child achieves. She believe that the greatest success occurs when parents and therapists work from a collaborative approach. If Jo Anne is not at work, she is spending time with her boys, golfing, mountain biking, walking their dogs, working on a fun DIY project or working out. She finds cooking and gardening to be very therapeutic in her down time!

Haley Lima, PTA

Enneagram Type: Enthusiast

Qualities: Spontaneous, Versatile

As a physical therapy assistant, Haley has worked with patients of all ages, but she has a special love for working with children.  She is the mother of two young children, and has a playful and encouraging spirit when she is working with her patients and their families.  Haley’s hobbies include playing soccer, restoring old furniture, and baking.