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At Beach Kids, we specialize in multidisciplinary pediatric therapy. We are one of the few clinics in Orange County that offer services from infancy to adulthood. We believe in individualized treatment for the success of every child, and our team is composed of experienced therapists with a variety of specialties and expertise. We treat children with varying diagnoses, including autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, developmental delays, speech delays, feeding issues, and more. Our mission is to provide our patients and their families with the highest quality of therapeutic care.

Occupational Therapy

We treat each child as a whole person and help the achieve their highest potential in all areas of development.


Physical Therapy

 Helping children achieve their fullest potential in strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.


Speech Therapy

Helping children maximize their speech production, receptive and expressive language skills and social pragmatic use of language. 


ABA Therapy

Our ABA treatment will be individualized based on client and family-specific needs. Offering ABA therapy in both the clinic and home environments! 

Feeding Program

Helping each child reach their highest potential inter oral motor and feeding skills. 

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